Hike: Near San Francisco

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Within a two hour drive of our home on the San Francisco Peninsula are over a million acres of public land. There is strong public support for open space acquisitions and outdoor opportunities continue to grow. Altitudes range from sea level to over 4000 feet and there is extraordinary habitat and scenic diversity. The weather is benign and backpacking is good year-round. We have been exploring the region for a few decades and have taken hundreds of day hikes and many dozens of multi-day backpacking trips. Public transit provides car free access to many trailheads.

Big Sur: Boronda Loop

Hike, Near SF|

What: Trail hiking, some of it on obscure trails.
Where: Ventana Wilderness, Los Padres NF.
When: Nov 12-14, 2010 and Nov 26-28, 2011 (3 days) and Feb 28 - Mar 2, 2022.
Distance: about 29 miles.

Coe Big Loop

Hike, Near SF|

What: A loop hike in Henry Coe State Park.
Where: Henry Coe State Park southeast of San Jose, California.
When: March 24-27, 2022 (4 days).
Distance: about 67 miles.

Coe for Thanksgiving

Hike, Near SF|

What: winter loop hike in the Bay Area’s largest and wildest park.
Where: Henry Coe State Park southeast of San Jose, California.
When: Nov 26-29 (3.3 days).
Distance: about 53 miles.

Overview: Coe State Park

Hike, Near SF, Overview|

What: Overview of Coe State Park.
Where: Diablo Range, southeast of San Jose.
When: 1984 to present, over 300 days.
Highlights: Big area to hike in, camp almost anywhere, few people, rugged terrain, classic CA Oak Savannah.
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