Hike: Overseas

England, Scotland, Wales, Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Turkey, Australia, Japan

Hike: Overseas2021-05-25T10:11:08-07:00

Our first overseas backpacking trip was in 2002 and since then we have taken 17 more. Many American hikers have heard of the heavily used Camino de Santiago but are not aware that there are tens of thousands of kilometers of fine way-marked paths in Europe; France alone has over 60,000 km of walking trails in their Grande Randonnee network. We have met few Americans on overseas hikes and we hope our reports might encourage others to branch out and try something new.

An excellent source for overseas trail ideas, particularly for Europe, is Waymarked Trails.  This website maps numerous routes in an OpenStreetMap format and offers gpx and kml file downloads for all of them.

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