Hike: Other U.S. States

Hike: Other U.S. States2017-01-03T19:18:14-08:00

The majority of our North American backpacking trips have been in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Sierra Nevada, and Southern Utah. In recent years we have been exploring other areas in the U.S. We often spend a significant amount of time planning novel and creative routes in our three favorite regions. When we travel to new destinations, we prefer to take advantage of plug and play trips on defined trails where detailed route information is available.

Vermont’s Long Trail

Hike, U.S. Outside CA/UT|

What: thru-hike of Vermont’s Long Trail.
Where: across Vermont, from the Canadian border to the Massachusetts border.
When: Sep 25 – Oct 15, 2013 (21 days).
Distance: about 275 miles on the LT + a 27 mile extension into Massachusetts.
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