Waterpocket Fold

2019-06-30T15:19:38-07:00Apr 28, 2019|Hike, Top10, Utah|

What: off-trail backpacking in the Waterpocket Fold area.
Where: Capitol Reef N.P. and Glen Canyon N.R.A. in southern Utah.
When: Apr 13-20, 2019 (8 days).
Distance: about 95 miles.

Spiller Canyon Loop

2019-08-28T13:08:15-07:00Oct 25, 2018|Hike, Sierra|

What: on and off-trail backpacking in the Sierras.
Where: northeastern Yosemite National Park and Inyo National Forest’s Hoover Wilderness.
When: Sept 11-14, 2017 (4 days)
Distance: about 39 miles.

Tahoe Rim Trail

2019-10-02T07:05:31-07:00Oct 19, 2018|Hike, Sierra|

What: thru-hike of the Tahoe Rim Trail.
Where: northern Sierra Nevada Range, California and Nevada.
When: Oct 5-14, 2018 (10 days).
Distance: about 170 miles.

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