Across Utah

2017-06-09T14:06:43+00:00 Jun 5, 2017|Hike, Utah|

What: an on and off trail hike across southern Utah.
Where: from Gateway, Colorado to Highway 56 on the Utah/Nevada border.
When: Apr 18 – May 22, 2017 (35 days).
Distance: about 630 miles

Vermont’s Long Trail

2017-02-03T14:45:10+00:00 Feb 3, 2017|Hike, U.S. Outside CA/UT|

What: thru-hike of Vermont’s Long Trail.
Where: across Vermont, from the Canadian border to the Massachusetts border.
When: Sep 25 – Oct 15, 2013 (21 days).
Distance: about 275 miles on the LT + a 27 mile extension into Massachusetts.

Big SEKI Loop Route Guide

2017-02-13T21:49:54+00:00 Jan 16, 2017|Hike, Route Guide, Sierra|

What: Long trail hike in the most beautiful region of the Sierra Nevada.
Where: Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.
Distance: about 155 miles.
Highlights: an alternative to the JMT with fewer people and great scenery

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